Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 11, 2011

I *heart* Spring

Little glimpses all over...I actually can't wait until we head out to hike a different park Wednesday, just to compare how much else has popped up with the warm weather and rain. Out here the grass is greening beautifully, and we actually had to mow this weekend. We got up around the frog pond and out camping area from last year, plus a few new paths through the part we leave wild and a really nice new spot to camp down by the creek. All the fruit trees have buds on them and in the flower beds daffodils, miniature irises and the mints are looking beautiful. My oregano has spread big time since last year. I see some areas that need moved around and improved. I love growing food, but I love my herbs and flowers as well-they bring such beauty to the house area. I cleaned off the patio and front porch this weekend, so we are ready for enjoying our outdoor living areas. Today I received my yearly order from the tree nursery and my coupon for the Central Campus plant sale. Spring is most certainly upon us. I love it. The kids were even in the sprinkler this weekend (though personally I thought it was too windy to enjoy waterworks, they were begging). That being said, if my posts are even more spacey than they have been (as in space between, though my brain has been in some sort of fog here lately. I would love to say it is diverted blood flow to the baby, but I have my moments when I'm not pregnant, so I doubt it), it is because we are outside enjoying this GREAT STATE, and GREAT COUNTRY full of natural beauty we live in. I'll play catch-up when it rains. :) Get outside!

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