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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter with the Family

We personally do not do egg hunts in our house, as Easter has nothing to do with eggs. The kids and I talked about the real meaning and the story of Easter and that we really treasure our time with family, so we go do those things, but those are fun things that really do not add to the importance of the holiday. It was really rather cute as we were going through the Easter story-I think I take for granted just how much a three year old can grasp. We were nearing the best part-where the apostles find the empty tomb-and Pony Gal was asking a lot of questions. I was trying to answer them without breaking the story up too much as Superboy was on the edge of his seat. I got to the part where Mary turns around and sees Jesus and Superboy jumps up and yells "Yay!" and claps his hands. He was pretty psyched that Jesus was alive :)

All that being said, we still do egg hunts with family. It is part of what they've always done, and we respect that. The kids enjoy themselves. We ended up doing one at Grandma G's church, then one at her house and one at

Pre-dinner entertainment-golfing with badminton rackets in Grandma G's front yard.

The hunt begins at Grandma G's. Dad and his brother Uncle D hid the eggs-sort of ;)

Cousin C and Superboy comparing finds

Cousin C was calling this his "backpack" :)

Here the hunt begins at Grandma B's

Notice the arrow I am dodging...

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