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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby update

Things are moving along well. It is crazy the kind of care you receive from different providers. I am enamored with my midwife this time around, especially after going with doctors the last time. She is stern, yet caring and very straight forward. I love that I can just sit and talk with her at her desk, and that we only move to the exam room at the end for a quick run of the "medical" stuff. I love that she seems to understand my situation better than anyone I've dealt with in pregnancy thus far-including other midwives.

I have one hiccup I am dealing with, but hopefully nothing major. At this point I am out of the first trimester, which is always a blessing as there is a lot of worry there. I am still rather tired, and still can't handle certain smells and tastes, but things have lightened up some. I have heard that speedy little heartbeat that makes my own heartbeat skip a little and makes me catch my breath. I think until I hear that I doubt the authenticity of the situation, and then it's there and it really sinks in that God once again trusts me with making a life, with raising, loving and caring for an entirely new human being. It is incredible.

I am currently doing a pretty good job following the mw's orders to keep my health at a premium as we prepare for the big day, which you can never do too soon. I think too many newly pregnant moms see that day as so far away, rather than each and every day until then as a chance to make sure that one moment runs smoothly-each pregnancy presents only one chance to do things "right". I am excited at the possibilities of things running "normally" this time-no surgeries, no doctors. I am walking a mile a day with DH each morning, which is nice on many levels as that gives us a little time without the kids and he and I both needed it, pregnancy or not. I am eating with a focus on meat and veggies, with just a few servings of whole grain carbs thrown in, and at this point have actually lost weight rather than gained any. In my case, this is a good thing. I am still eating plenty, but making that point to avoid as much junk as possible makes your body reassess the situation. I have plenty to "spare" so she is not worried, and I seem to have a tipping point where things go down-hill in the pregnancy, so if I keep myself below that point, my body should be able to handle this go-round like a dream. I also am keeping a journal with at-home blood pressure checks, as well as the food and exercise log. With my history of pre-e with the first pregnancy and elevated bp with the second, it is just an added, easy measure to keep an eye on things and be able to take more action than anyone I have dealt with in the past was willing to take. On top of all that is a slew of supplements: an large dose of Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium, the usual multi-vit, lots of Omega-3's, my digestive aids-a probiotic, Thymex and a slew of enzymes plus, with my history of pre-e we have also added a baby aspirin. The use can be controversial but I waited until I was out of the first trimester to start it so the placenta would have a good start and I have no issue with blood clotting when it needs to so we should be okay once we get down to the line. There have been studies that show that little pill makes a lot of difference in the pregnancy going to term and coming out positively. There is some risk of things not starting on time, but so long as everyone is healthy, I am okay with that. A little more space between when I'm due at this point and Superboy's birthday is fine with me.

Next appointment in 2 and half weeks. We'll see how things are going from there!

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  1. Abby,
    Sounds like you are doing a super job! Keep up the good work. Continue to let us know how you do. I really enjoy your posts and updates.


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