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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Tortillas

Homemade tortillas are so easy. I had been rolling them out by hand for sometime, but about a month ago went ahead and ordered a tortilla press. Holy goodness, did that ever speed up the process. And round tortillas were now a cinch. We use Rick Bayless' recipe and good home rendered lard from our local pork source, Crooked Gap Farm. These are so good. They don't necessarily last as long as the ones you get from the store, and need to be refirgerated after you make them to keep them a little longer, but they are so easy to make and taste so good we rarely have any left to store. They will freeze well, so you could make up large batches and just thaw them when you wanted to use them. The press works for corn tortillas, as well, or if you wanted to have little pie tarts, you could use this to press them out rather than rolling out all the little circles. Crazy awesome and yummy! This post is also being listed at Spain In Iowa's Simple Lives Thursday blog hop. Check it out!
The dough rested and cut into portions
Lining the press with a cut open plastic bag helps dough that might be fragile peel off the press for the griddle. You simply fold the bag over the ball so that no part of the dough is touching the press. Makes clean-up a snap, too!

Make sure your griddle is nice and hot. It shouldn't take but seconds for them to cook. Do not overcook, either, or they'll be too crisp to fold around your food.


  1. Very cool. I somehow had it in my head that tortilla presses were only for corn. I'm happy to see I was wrong! That looks so much easier.

  2. OH that looks so easy!! do you share your recipe?

  3. Homemade tortillas are the best and they really are not that hard or time consuming. We love them.


  4. Kim, there is a link to the recipe in the post. I use Rick Bayless for both my flour and corn tortilla recipes. Here it is again: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/view?recipeID=207

  5. I tried making my own once a couple years ago and they didn't turn out so good. You're inspiring me to try again and get a press!


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