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Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Wowza, it's been awhile since I've managed to get up one of these posts! I have really got to get back in the planning habit. It is funny how things that actually make your life that much easier get so easily pushed to the side when they would be the most helpful. Anyway...
Here is the plan for the week. Still a little tweaking to do. Cereal or breakfast burritos in the AM, sandwiches and snack trays for lunch (as well as leftovers) and this is our supper menu:
Monday: Fish Curry (Dad's bowling)
Tuesday: Chili (beans soaked over weekend, in the slow cooker all day Monday, and thrown in with grassfed beef and lamb, and homemade pasta sauce, plus peppers, onions and spices on Tuesday in the slow cooker)
Wednesday: The Reids handle dinner. Can I say what a blessing this is? The fellowship is always completely awesome, as is the food, and I need that break, even if there are always double the dishes when they leave :)
Thursday: Something with chicken. I may oven-roast it. Or we may do fajitas or ginger chicken stirfry (a new favorite). If I roast it, I'll have chicken leftover for egg rolls. I think that's what I'll do.
Friday: Swiss Potato and Sausage Soup. Something Dad can't wait for fall for me to start making again each year. One of his all-time favorite meals. Granted, we'll have to eat it in the truck in thermoses, as we'll be out junking, but still a goody.
Saturday: Crock pot roast
Sunday: Chicken egg rolls

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