Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's A Good Morning...

Love that song that Chris Rice sings :) Not too long ago, Dad came forth with the fact that he had been stopping to buy coffee at Caseys each morning before work. He just couldn't bear to drink what they made at the shop (and I can't blame him). He asked where our coffeepot was, as he thought he'd start making it at home.  I have always owned a nice coffeepot, usually programmable, though we'd never use that feature. I have serious trouble dragging myself out of bed in the morning, being a night owl, so me getting up early to make coffee when he leaves, has never worked. It'll last maybe a week and then I fail from exhaustion.  A year or so ago our most recent pot died some sort of death and at that time I decided to start using a nice large french press my grandmother-in-law had left behind. We loved the flavor of it, so we didn't buy another pot. When this recent desire to just make coffee at home came up, though, we were left with a dilemma. Either I get up and make it, Dad makes it, or we get another programmable pot. That weekend we went out garage saling as well as making a trip to a local big box store for a few house necessities. In all of the pre-lunch running I had forgotten that I agreed to buy a coffee pot. As always, though, God smiled upon my forgetfulness, blessing me more fully than I had remembered. At the last garage sale we stopped at I stumbled upon the exact same coffeepot we used to own, only in white instead of black, for five dollars. This same pot would have cost nearly $100 had I purchased it new. The other bonus was already owning paper filters for it, as I never discarded the ones from the previous one, knowing more than coffee can be strained through them. I intend to use the money I saved to buy a nice reuseable gold filter for it. I still love my french press, but I am more joyed at the blessing of being able to help my husband feel remembered and loved each morning in walking out to the coffeepot to a freh pot of good coffee to start his day off with, as well as the blessing of it being ready for myself as well, when I finally get up each day. It seems like a small thing, but I think that is one of God's way of teaching us to trust him in the big things. Yes, I forgot the pot, but only briefly, and in being willing to do something Dad had requested, I opened a door to bless each of us.
Let this remind us to try to keep those little doors open, through acting in accordance with God's Word and plan for us, to have him bless and refine us. When the major things roll around it will be that much easier to trust him, even though it may be very difficult.

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