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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camping Weekend Away

Things have been terribly busy around our farm this year, so much so, we haven't gotten too much respite. Last week my husband took off from work, and about halfway through we hitched up and headed out of town. My sister stayed at our place to keep an eye on things while we enjoyed a much earned, and needed, break. I think it is easy to get so caught up with all the to-do's that we forget to stop and replenish. Living the simple life is hardly "simple". There is often more work when you are keeping an active homestead, complete with a large garden in full harvest mode, a bevy of animals, winterizing to do as well as the usual day to day. We need it rest, though, lest we get burnt out. We took our weekend at this time, intentionally, as there was a swap meet the husband wanted to attend for classic car parts, and the kids and I hit many rummage sales, stocking up on the next size in clothes and shoes for the kids and fun items for me, like enameled mugs, vintage childrens' books and crochet hooks. We fished, we grilled, we knitted (okay, I knitted, and a dear friend who camped a night with us knitted) and we relaxed.
What do you do to get away from it every once a while? We only need it occasionally, but we always come back refreshed and ready to work harder than when we left, full of ideas and ambition.
Boating on Nodaway Lake. We ended up catching a few sunfish and some walleye, but as the filet knife came up missing, we ended up tossing everything back. Dad took Pony Gal and W out on their own to fish, too, which they enjoyed, though the Gal has some competitive issues and wasn't happy W caught more than she did :)


A stop at the Iowa Aviation Museum. The kids loved seeing the old planes, and the couple of peddle car planes they got to sit in. They also walked away with goody bags. A fun learning experience for all of us, for sure!

Though small, the campground (a city park, at that, though right outside of town), was nice. I think had it not been the weekend of one of the largest classic car swap meets in Iowa, it may have been less busy, but even so, all the spots were not taken.

G has the orneriest looks about her.

Happy Campers!

W's mad snapping action.

Mmmm, brisket...
A couple of hams coming up...

The brisket was good, as you can see from all the happy eating shots.

I got quite a few shots of the hard-to-capture Dad this weekend.

Superboy pic #1

Superboy pic #2

Superboy pic #3

The flies were awful, as you can see.

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