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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Real Food Challenge Day 4

Today we are supposed to start a sourdough starter. This has been on my list of to-do's for awhile. Several weeks ago I played with using the 5mad bread for starter, or at least as a sourdough I had to keep remaking. It soured very, very nicely on the counter-that is I never refrigerated it, but also got thinner. I played with adding flour each day and stirring like most starters take, but it wasn't doing what I wanted. I am going to start this with one of two things: either a regular yeast based sourdough starter recipe  or with a grapes-based recipe. I have tried straight up catching wild yeast out here. They don't taste all that good, as it turns out. But, we have some grapes on the fritz, and a lot of the starters I have seen done by accomplished bakers, start this way. The key for me, also, will be remembering to add and stir as necessary. I'll have to keep it somewhere I can see it. I am excited and hopeful this time around-from what I've seen I am not a fan of soaked or sprouted breads thus far. They end up too dense or take so much time, I would be aching from want when it was finally done. I think sourdough will be our way of keeping easy to digest, nutritious bread around the house.

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  1. Change in plans-instead of grapes I am going to try Emeril's potato water starter. It starts a bit faster (we eat bread and such products too frequently to be without) and gives excellent directions on maintenance. I will repost his recipe if it works out well.


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