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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our First Lamb

I have to admit, I am terribly inexperienced when it comes to raising anything more than birds. Growing up we had chickens, and occasionally a couple pigs. My parents had goats when we were young, but the most I remember about them is them playing on the cars, as they had free reign of the yard. I fear it is that inexperience that made our first lamb born on the farm our first lamb to die on the farm. I check on my animals once a day, and have been closely watching my does, but our sheep are very skittish, and are not nearly as easy to check on. They hardly come close enough to see their collars unless they think there is major incentive involved. I had no clue that Jazz was anywhere near ready to deliver, yet when I did chores yesterday I found her baby, a girl, too cold to still be alive. I still tried to warm her up just in case , but she was gone long before I got down there. Jazz is doing well, though. Now I am checking them every few hours, as if one has gone, the rest can't be far behind. I am hoping I can be present for the next round, and am still working through how awful I feel for missing this baby's arrival. It is unseasonally cold here, but I could have easily helped this one out, I am sure. I still am seeing no signs in Chrys, though Cassidy, one of the goat does, is definitely getting close. I think if Chrys has her lamb after one of the does, I will bottle feed it along with the kids. I would love to have sheep that liked people just a bit more than these three do. I will spoil them a bit more this summer, but sheep's nature is less curious and people loving as a goat's is.
We'll keep you posted!

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