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Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes We're Still Here

I know, the most you've gotten out of me here lately has been pictures and meal plans, and even those have been scattered. We have just been so busy. I decided after the crazy week and weekend we had that we are now on a strict two-times per work week out only rule. Just means I have to make sure I know all that needs to be done each week before we leave so we can be sure that no extra trips are needed.
That being said, here is a little overcap of what's been happening, with pictures to come in the next few days, I promise.
*Dad has been sick. Nasty diarrhea (tmi, I know). It is taking its time leaving, and none of us have gotten whatever it is. Now, this may due to several factors (we eat out less than he does, we eat healthier than he does, we come in contact with fewer people, we just have a stronger immune system due to the careful nature of my and the kids' eating/supplement habits), but whatever it is, is annoying me. It's like have a third, whinier kid when he is sick, and my time is impossible to spread evenly. I get so behind. More than when he's on vacation.
*We have added yet another animal to the farm. I'm crazy, I know. Saturday we headed to Albia for an open house at cute little yarn store with the Reids. Sarah and I have pretty much decided on a future endeavor together and visiting yarn stores is part of the start up. How awesome is that ;) Anyway, we were listening to a little seminar on raising French Angora rabbits, and well, they were on sale, and so cute and we already had a hutch...yes. We came home with our very own, terribly cute, grey with a white and black nose, French Angora doe. I must say, I really like her. She is pretty sweet. Pony Gal decided to name her Princess Pie, most likely princess, because Pony Gal considers all girls princess, and Pie after the stallion in National Velvet which is her most recent horse-related movie rental. I moved the hutch into the goat barn for added protection from the upcoming winter elements. She seems to acclimated rather well already.
*The goats are doing well. Skooter is a little less whiny about his new pen. I think this is in part due to the fact that I go cut him an arm load of willow saplings each day which he loves. The ladies have beautiful, thick winter coats grown in.
*The sheep are fat.
*The llama is nosy.
*The chickens that are left have pretty much moved into the goat barn. They seem to be adjusting well, and I think plans for the new chicken coop may even wait for spring. This is a stressor that is nice to have lifted. We will have to see, though, as there are new birds to add in a few weeks. I am hoping they figure out "home" quickly. I am definitely cutting back on the chicken business. My run of luck has been awful.
*Bolt has been doing rather well being off his tie out most days. Today he got locked up as he has started chasing chickens for fun, and killing them accidentally. I hope to break that habit. He broke of eating them, hopefully he can figure out something else to chase, like field mice (which he has started doing alittle) and rabbits who like to feast in my gardens.
*I am actually enjoying the cold weather. I love fall. I even love the dreary days. I love running my fireplace and making huge pots of tea with candles burning. I love snuggling with the kids on the couch and knitting or crocheting, and the kids wearing their woolens while I get to comfortably wear my boots again.
*We are planning on getting rid of the minivan and the truck we inherited from Grandpa H. The truck we will sell to my mom, and van we will trade in on a four door pick up that I will drive, leaving Dad in the jeep. It will be nice to only maintain two vehicles, and well, I get to be more farmy every day. It was the next logical step, really ;)
*I *love* my four wheeler. Actually using the back five acres is doable now. Before it seemed like such a chore. Now I just zip around. The kids can ride with me and chores take so much less time.
There are several other things I am working on (other than birthday and Christmas gifts galore) that I hope to share soon. I really need to get pictures loaded. I also need to update Pony Gal's school site. Just busy, busy, busy!

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