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Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Star Arrives!

Yesterday, Dad and I were glancing out the back window, and both noticed something odd lying in the goat pasture. Cloudy wasn't far from it, and hadn't been for some time. At first I was afraid one of my goats was hurt or injured,but he said he had just seen the both of them up near the barn, and Skooter was in his pen. So he headed out to check on it, figuring it might be an animal Cloudy had taken out. I stayed in the house to finish what I was working on. Not long after, though, Pony Gal came up and said Dad said to come out, there was a surprise for me in the field. A little worried, and curious, I headed out. As soon as I got around the corner where I could see what was going on, I saw the baby. Cloudy was not supposed to have been bred when we bought her, but as her care was less than great from what I can tell, it doesn't surprise me the folks we got her from had no clue, that she was, in fact, pregnant. She never got too terribly big, but the baby seems to have come out okay. She was dry by the time we got to her, and the placenta had already passed and looked okay. Ironically, the cria's coloring is what the previous Cloudy owners were hoping for when Cloudy was born, and part of the reason they sold her. So, our $150 investment is now doubled. I am headed out soon to see how she fared last night. She had laid down in the pasture, and rather than try to goad her into the barn, Cloudy just laid there with her. We had to coax Cloudy into the other half of the pasture with grain (which really she needed anyway, as she is now a lactating mama) and Dad had to pick up Star and run her to the barn before Cloudy took him out. She was a little spooked by us since it was dark-during the day she had been fine with me handling the baby to make sure she was okay. I will keep you updated on how things are going-a llama cria was not what I was planning on as the first animal baby here at the farm, but a very fun surprise. I am hoping constant contact will help her to be far more social than Cloudy tends to be.

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