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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Dress for a Wedding

I wasn't really happy with anything I had in the closet for Pony Gal to wear to my cousin's wedding, so I whipped this up in about an hour. The bottom was a very cute fabric remnant I had gotten from Hobby Lobby. There wasn't enough to make the entire dress, so I made the top out of an old white sheet I had kept specifically to use for white fabric. The tie is made from a crocheted lace out of Grandma V's stash. I love it! She was also complimented on her awesome shoes-a great garage sale find a couple years ago she has been waiting to fit in since we got them.


  1. Holly said...

    Fun! Maybe I just will have to get my sewing out one of these days.

  2. juliecache said...

    love love LOVE the paisley hobby lobby remnant.

  3. Wheelchair Mama said...


  4. Diana Bauman said...

    Oh my gosh Abby, you are so talented! Do you give lessons ;)


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