Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dang It!

I left my camera at home, thinking, we're only getting groceries. Aaah, but life with Superboy can throw stones at you at the drop of a hat. What were you thinking mom? It would have been great to catch a picture of at least three assistant managers circling the fire truck cart at the HyVee in WDM where we had stopped to pick up two things we weren't able to get at Costco. Why ever were they circling our cart? To determine how to extract our key. The only key to the truck we were driving-or at least planned on driving until the key got stuck inside the fire truck part of the shopping cart. Superboy was holding the key. Said cart had one of the steering wheels removed. Mom thought nothing of it until it was time to leave. We walked all the way out to the truck. I asked Superboy for the key, to which his reply was to say key and point to the hole. Niiice. So I wheel back inside retrace our steps in hopes he was wrong and had just dropped it, then walked up to customer service wondering how on earth I go about asking for assistance. I told the lady that this was funny, but, my key was stuck. It took quite a bit of brainstorming, and some laughing on their part, but eventually, after drilling a series of holes in the bottom of the front of the cart and using part of a hanger, were able to get the key. I was red the whole time, and got an earful from my husband when I told him what happened. Life with boy wonder is never dull, for sure.


  1. You just wait!!!! It will get better. I can't even post my boy stories. They are freakin' gross and hilarious, too.

  2. and how long did this take to resolve?

  3. Life is always exciting! We can't ever say we are bored!

  4. OK, but seriously. HyVee needs to learn that there are consequences to THEIR actions, you know? Those carts were nice when they first got them, but they have not maintained them, and there were times we wouldn't be able to take one because there were sharp metal pieces sticking out where there used to be, say, a seat belt, or a lever, or something. To remove the steering wheel and leave a hole there is just sloppy.


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