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Friday, June 19, 2009

Slowed down? Not at all!

I keep thinking that I need/want to blog, but finding the time and allowing thoughts to slow down just isn't happening. You would think with the rain that I would have more time inside-and I do-but I have been neglecting inside when I can work outside, which leaves both constantly calling my name. I think this post will highlight what we've been up to, while also serving as a jumping board for posts to come, laying out some of what I have wanted to talk about lately:

*I painted the summer house living/dining room and LOVE it. I am still working on details, but once its done (and I find my camera...)I will post pics. Or you could come visit and see it;)
*I got a lot of my vining seeds in last night before it was supposed to rain (but didn't). The rest of the garden is looking wonderful, minus the weeds. I have plenty of mowing to do, thus plenty of mulch to put on the help, but in the meantime it looks greener than it should, if you know what I mean. A few things I did differently this year, like direct seeding brassicas, and so far it seems to be working. We have already harvested more radishes than I would ever care to eat (aaah, but the horses love them:) ), collards, swiss chard, snow peas, and the kale needs picked. The spinach is pretty much ready, as well, and trying to go to seed. We also got gads of strawberries from friends and I have a lot of rhubarb in the freezer. I must say just growing from us (plus one) has been nice. So much less stress. I am can enjoy myself this year, not worrying about making a nice sized delivery each week. Or just making the delivery each week. I love the CSA model, but not for a young mom. It's just too much work.
* I STILL don't have a dryer. Dad and I have talked about our options. We may still try to get in to get the part to fix mine. The problem is it will most likely end up being parts since we've already put some on and they weren't enough. I am drying outside when I can, which I love and prefer this time of year. The rain is a little difficult to get things done, but it can be done. We have talked about indoor lines. The ones I bought awhile back he has no faith in, and is devising putting one up stairs in the laundry room for me, custom built. We'll see how that goes. The washer and dryer downstairs that were Grandpa H's are both kaput, as well. Actually just about every appliance he had apparently misses him and has shot craps. So, I am going to start watching the used appliance places for a stackable unit-just something small to have down here for downstairs laundry, since I am not particularly enjoying hauling the dirties upstairs to wash-a faceful of dirty Superboy diapers not a nice way to travel.
*The chickens are doing well, and I am in love with the newest babies. They are so unique and seem far more intelligent (which happens so often with heritage breeds) than the ones we have gotten from McMurray in the past. I am pretty much sold on ordering from these guys in the future (until I gain an extra couple hours in the day and want to try incubating my own). Dad has finally seen the importance of building me a permanent teenager run so the chicks spend less time in the brooders, which is a lot of smell and work for me. I like to get them into the sunshine and on grass as soon as possible. I think we have a plan.
*The dog moved outside pretty quickly. I just don't have as much patience as I thought to get him potty trained. He is doing well out there, though, and I think will serve well as a guard animal for the small livestock. He tried to take out a duck yesterday, but I am pretty sure it had everything to do with playing and not eating. The duck is fine, and he just got tied back up for the evening.
*The fencer dropped materials off last night, and will begin work either Saturday or Monday, which means my sheep and goats will be coming home soon. The more I look at the back pasture, the more full sized sheep are looking pretty good sooner rather than later. We'll see.
*No coyotes spotted, so I am thinking the llama is working well thus far. She still needs to be caught and sheared.
*Superboy has been showing a lot of interest in the potty, so we have started trying to learn how to use that. He enjoys it, just doesn't always make it. A lot.
*Pony Gal has been in a seriously sassy stage-I actually ended up sending her to bed early the other night. I am waiting it out and trying to be understanding. I know it has to do with a lot of change happening and most likely a growth spurt, as she has been quick to "weepy" as well. She got her big girl bed and loves it. I will get pictures of that, as well once the camera is found.
*We have been going through all of Grandpa H's stuff, sorting, purging, cleaning. What I have found is his family had respect for family heirlooms-his other son-not so much. Actually not at all. And it is frustrating. Great grandma's hand stitched pillow cases? In a box in the garage, where water and mice have access. All the hand made quilts and stitched table cloths? In the garage, getting ruined. Leather work by Grandpa H same place. He was already showing signs of getting sick. His other son packed up most the house for him, did so in a lazy, irresponsible manner. He broke so many items. I have been able to rescue a lot. Dad's goal is to have the garage cleaned up and rearranged by Pony Gal's birthday. We'll see, as we are making a lot of progress but don't have the time to work on it every night.
*Apparently I am keeping the falcon now. Works for me!

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