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Monday, April 6, 2009

My boy

Friday night we went to a fish fry at our usual haunt for that sort of thing in Altoona. Things were going pretty well, the kids were eating well, Dad's boss and his wife were there as well and decided to sit with us, which was surprisingly pleasant. Superboy was starting to get restless and was kind of running back and forth between my mom and me. At one point he decided to try to take off his pants and diaper, at which time Dad grabbed him to stop. Superboy ended up losing his balance and fell face first into the floor. This caused his teeth to drive into his inner lip, and it looked like, amongst the massive amounts of blood, push all the way through his lip to the skin outside. We calmly wiped him up some, and continued to the car (what a time to dine with the boss!) to call our pediatrician's office to see what we should do next. The rational mom in me knew that what we had done would be difficult to really do anything with, but at the same time I wanted to be sure we were making the right decision. The on call doc instructed us to go ahead and head to urgent care to be sure there wasn't other damage. So we headed there, got in fairly quickly, happened to get our ped's old nurse who had transferred offices. The dr ended up sending us home the way came, as I was correct in the fact that they area was a hard one to do much with, and he had not bitten through, but bitten deeply inside and cracked deeply outside, but the two were not connected. He will end up with a scar and not be able to grow hair there, but he was fine and is totally showing no issue.I am surprised it is our first accident-based dr visit for him as he is determined to give me a heart attack before I make it to 30, I am sure.

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  1. Uhhh. We can compare Milo's and Asher's lip scars the next time we are together. ;-) Yucky. So sorry....


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