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Monday, April 6, 2009

In Full Spring

Just as a quick update....
*The house is in a shambles as I go through all the closets to purge and reorganize what gets stuffed through the winter. Holy moley did we ever stuff this year.
*We are buying less and less processed (albeit organic) food and making more and more from scratch, more locally.
*I have seedlings coming out of my ears. Well, not literally, as that might be odd, but there are so many they may end up being our first marketable item of the year.
*Despite said seedlings, I am behind due to wet weather and cannot get a whole lot done outside.
*The grape juice I made from free grapes last year is freakin' awesome and I have been buying grapes up to start a small vineyard in order to perpetuate the growing addiction.
*We have just under 75 chicks at different stages in the garage, 9 more coming in for my mom's order from Shanen, about 9 year old roosters and 6-7 2 year old layers going to the butcher on Wednesday for our freezer, at least 25 birds for the Reids and ourselves coming in May and I think I am crazy. I need to build a chicken tractor for the 4 week olds as they will be moving out once it gets warm enough.
*I keep looking at sheep. I want them this year. I also looked at llama/alpacas. I am trying to decide which to purchase first, but have to hold out for now either way as I won't buy them until I have the shelter up in the back pasture.
*We still need a barn for the goats. I will be ordering that sometime this week. They will be living at my mom's for around a month until the fencer can make it out. I have also been considering getting a nanny this year to jump start since these babes won't be ready for two years. We'll see how ambitious we are.
*I set up blogs for Pony Gal and Superboy's homeschool journeys to aid in meeting requirements. I will set their links in my blog list in case anyone is interested, though I doubt they are too exciting and will be littered with labels for ease of seeing that we do do a lot of "schooling".
*I still have yet to get Grandpa H's dryer moved upstairs and the indoor drying lines up downstairs. Everybody's vehicles have decided to break now, so I am at the bottom of my husband's list as far as the things I need done. I am going on strike soon if something doesn't change.
*We scored about 10 puppets on the side of the road for the kids' puppet theatre they got from their auntie at Christmas. Dad also got a couple tool boxes for the home garage, one of which is filled with old tools just for Superboy to "help".

That's what's on the list for now. Oh, and I can't Flylady. She just doesn't get things done at hte pace I need. I do like my shiny sink, though. :)

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