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Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is dual purpose, in letting you know and so I don't forget when I misplace my records...

Georgescu Chocolate Sweet Pepper 3/5/09
Chinese White Sword Eggplant 3/5/09
Round Leaf Papalo 3/5/09
Hungarian Italian Paste Tomato 3/5/09
Sweet Marjoram 2/26/09
Florence Fennel 2/26/09
Chinese Red Tomato 3/5/09
Lillian Red Kansas Red Tomato 3/5/09
Ecuador Red Tomato 3/5/09
Cracker Jack Marigold 3/5/09
Alma Paprika Pepper 3/5/09
Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper 3/5/09
Garden Huckleberry 3/5/09
Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper 3/5/09
Galina's Cherry Tomato 3/5/09
Ground Cherry 3/5/09
Aviuri Red Tomato 3/5/09
Mexican Cocktail Cherry Tomato 3/5/09
Lemon Basil 3/5/09
Sweet Genovese Basil 3/5/09
Oregano 3/5/09
Speckled Roman Paste Tomato 3/5/09
Cumin 3/5/09
Box Car Willie Red Tomato 3/5/09
Santo Cilantro 3/5/09
Bulgarian #7 Red Tomato 3/5/09
Rosemary 3/5/09
Caraway 3/5/09
Eckert Polish Pink Tomato 3/5/09
Flat Leaf Parsley 3/5/09
Summer Savory 3/5/09
Dukat Dill 3/5/09
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper 3/5/09
Lavender Vera 3/5/09
Lovage 3/5/09
Anise 3/5/09
Splendid Leek 2/26/09
Fenugreek 2/26/09
Hyssop 2/26/09
Chervil 2/26/09
Jalapeno Pepper 3/5/09


  1. Wow, we are growing almost totally different varieties. I'd love to share results at the end of the season.

  2. You need to teach me about herbs. We're growing chives and that's it. Do you dry them and store them or just use fresh in the summer?

  3. Chives are easy to dry or you can chop them and freeze them in a little water in ice cubes for use in cooked dishes. Either way. I think they would make a good indoor plant, as well. I love chives:)


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