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Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Kids

Goat kids, that is. We ventured out to Northern Prairie Chevre Friday after a call earlier in the week that our babies were ready for pickin'. We are not set up for them yet-the fencer won't make it out till June and I have yet to decide what I want for a shelter set up, though I have a pretty good idea now. In the meantime, after visiting, I was relieved to find that Kathy will keep them until they are weaned, which will be about two months from now. They are so stinking cute! I guess I had never really been around baby goats (kids), only the adults. Adorable, and tiny! Anyway, I knew I wanted to good start, so we went with two girls and a boy. Cassidy is a black and white spotted doeling that Liv picked out, while the other Asher picked out and is a sable colored gal named Dawnae. I picked out the buckling, a lighter tan colored guy named Scooter. We are even more excited than we were, and I am also very anxious to be a part of their mentoring program. I love to use all avenues to learn about new endeavors, and I have about as many books on goats in general that I can read right now, as well as my new subscription to the Dairy Goat Journal, which this month featured an aritcle from another local goat dairy, Reichart's Dairy Aire. I hope to visit them as well in the future (note to self, email or call soon...) just so I get a well rounded view of how Iowa set ups are doing it. I don't know if we will go all out dairy with this deal or just do the "own your own goat but I'll take care of it" set up. We will just have to see. I do see how you could fall in love with them so easily, though. I must also get my hands on a couple natural/herbal goat care type books there were articles about in the journal. I was hoping there were other ways to go about things like worming and colds, but with no experience was wary of going that route until I knew someone who had. I know my birds don't really get much in the way of conventional bird medicine-the occasional antobiotic if something looks really wrong, but I haven't had to do that more than once in almost four years. I will post pictures of our new bubbies when I get them. We hope to go out and visit again, soon!

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