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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Goals

Though I loved Sabbath's choice of words (ideas instead of resolutions) I think that my best way to go about it is goals for our family. I can't find where I put last years-I may go through my posts to see if I posted them-I know we did pretty well. Here are our family's thoughts for the new year:

*The adults in the house are going to lose weight. Cliche? Yes. But still necessary. I did what I set out to do last year, which was get off all the baby weight. That wasn't really all that difficult. Now we focus on getting to a healthy weight, especially if there will be any plans of another baby-ever. That means from 20-30 pounds over the next year that I need to lose. My main way of going about this will be thorugh using weight watcher's points system. I canbe pretty mindless when following this, so it works well. I also like how much fruit, veg and whole grains they incorporate. Exercise will come in the spring, summer and fall as we go about planting and such.

*Add new livestock to the mix out here. Right now we have chickens. Something happened to the ducks-I am not really sure. We are ordering the end of the season mixes from Sandhill, so we should get some different poultry, and are on the mentor list for Northern Prairie's goat list. We went out to pick up some cheese and visit them yesterday, which only fed our excitement for the spring and adding a couple to the mix. I also fell in love with their dogs...may have to look for some of those as well.

*Remodel at least the family room in the basement so the basement feels like our house, now that it is, rather than a separate apartment. This will involve taking out a wall and a lot of paint, and possibly more carpet.

*Be more diligent in Liv's schooling. We have already started on this one, and it is going pretty well. She just does better with a little more structure than we were using. Right now we focus on one letter a week, really working on it, and in doing only one at a time, leaves a lot of room to go do things with the unschool group, as well as our other friends.

*Take the Falcon to the Goodguys show as a work in progress, but driveable. This is more in Andrew's ball field than anyone else's, but has served as a great project for him.

*Pay off at least one more debt. We have done well in eliminating at least one a year. We actually will be finishing off a couple in another month, which will leave us with a very large payment on several others.

I think at this point that does it for hte big ones. We always have a lot of little things on the list. Coming soon will be the installationg of our first solar panel. It will go on the chicken coop for heat lamps. A small step, but an important one!

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  1. Looks like a great list. Where did you say you are getting your solar panels from??


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