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Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, after being introduced to something new and addictive (also known as Facebook) I have found it REALLY is time to get a new laptop. As soon as I sit down to my computer, the desktop I love, Asher is on my like glue, making it pretty much impossible to do anything. So, today I thought I would do like I used to and set the laptop up on the counter and go about my business that way. Except there are a few problems:
-The operating system is outdated. I have come to love Vista. I want my Vista.
-This does not have my small business office software, so I cannot do a lot of what I want on it.
-Most my contacts are not on here, making it difficult to conduct email business.
-Most of my favorite site are not on here.
-Asher decided to dance on the laptop one day when no one was looking, so now the screen is pretty difficult to get the work, and to use at a normal angle.
-The wireless receiver in it sucks, so you have to constantly "repair the connection".
-The battery life is like 10 minutes, if that, so I have to be plugged in.
Up until this point I had just ignored it because it was only really used by husband (who does complain,but it's kind of like, eh, what are we gonna do?) but I think tax time (yes we are one of those irresponsible types who let the government borrow our money each year because I am a safer than sorrier type) a new laptop (and wireless router for that matter) is on the list. Usually we pay off some debt around that time, but this year seem to keep getting hit by other things. Hopefully next year will be less hectic, but it really boils down to outrageous taxation on the farm which will hopefully be amended by filing our schedule F for the first time this year. Imagine being taxed for ten acres and numerous outbuildings in town-that's where we are.
Oh, how quickly I get off topic. Anyway, new laptop. Yup.

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  1. It's so much fun to get a new laptop! I would be lost without mine. You have plenty of time to decide which Mac to get ;)


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