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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TV Woes Part who knows

So, we are now down to only channel 8 digitally and a couple of analog stations-which would not be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that we know that those will be gone in February, and there will most likely be nastier weather then. So, Dad took back yet another antenna, is re-purchasing the first antenna we bought and going to rig it up somewhere out front. Just to watch quickly-becoming-not-so-free tv. Ug.


  1. I wonder how much basic cable is?? We get ours free with the modem, but cable internet is not particularly cheap.

  2. There are also other options. DVD's, internet stations.....

    I just watched the whole recent season of Numb3rs, the Mentalist, HIMYM, and Ghost Whisperer on CBS.com. Livestream.

    You can download shows though ipod/itunes.

    You'd have to hook your tv up to your computers but, eh?

    We are considering this for the farm just because we don't want to buy a new tv or a converter thingy.


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