Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The end of a lot of work (but still a lot to do)

So, it was decided this week that Papa H would Abe permanently in the nursing home. The doctors also have enacted his power of attorneys meaning Dad and I are officially responsible for everything Papa H. Knowing he is being taken care of by someone else has lifted such a burden off my shoulders. I still have duties to maintain for him, like getting him to different off campus appointments and making sure he has what he needs there, but it is so much easier than being his constant nurse. It also means I have gained the basement. The house is now entirely ours. I need to purchase rubbermaid bins to store Papa H's items-most of which he no longer can or will use and were going to be stored anyway, but there are a few things that will need to be discarded. There is actually a lot of work right there, but I will enjoy being home more. Once we get his VA benefits enacted and several follow up appointments from his hospital stay made up then most of his doctor related business will happen right there at the home, so I have only a little transport duty left. My children already have started acting differently-we all were so bogged down with his care. Constantly in the car taking him somewhere, downstairs with meds, cleaning, checking on him. Now we can get back to our lives and that may sound selfish, but they never signed up for this. Pony Gal has been doing school everyday, with her initializing it each time. I can get back to sorting and reorganizing our stuff as well as home duties, making bread and granola bars from scratch. I made a meal plan that I intend to adhere to as best I can. We can make plans. It is one of those bittersweet moments where it is sad to see someone who only a year or two ago had so much life to decline to such a childlike state. We will see what tomorrow brings for him, but with the way things are going now it does not seem like he will likely last very many more years. In the meantime we will continue to do what we can to make sure he is comfortable and well cared for.

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