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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doctor woes

So, up until yesterday I was rather fond of our pediatrician. But, Superboy's one year checkup yesterday changed my mind, and I will be looking for someone different. That man questioned just about everything but Superboy's actual development. It started with his weight. He hasn't been gaining as quickly as he was. Um, anyone who has seen my son knows he is in constant motion. He doesn't look or act hungry. His height keeps going. The doc insisted that there were vitamin supplements what would help, just in case we have a problem later, and said that like he knew there would be. Ug. Then he made a comment about how it looked like I was having troubles getting him off the breast. Did I say I wanted him off? Should he be off? Can ya show me where that is necessary? His father was "on the breast" until he was 3. Uh huh. Then he insisted on writing me a script for silvadene cream, "just in case" the two little sores on Superboy's unmentionables didn't heal. The ones I told him he had just gotten because we went too long between diaper changes while his Grandpa was getting through all the nursing home business. And that they always clear up within like a week. He doesn't get rashes. He gets spotty sores. He doesn't even act like he knows they're there. Then there was the vax schedule. Superboy got his first vax yesterday, his dtap, because we live in the country, we have livestock, my son is obsessed with being outside-its just the smart way to go there. I don't intend for him to get any others unless some massive epidemic breaks out. If I decide to get pregnant again, I'll get retested for rubella and I can get the vax if I need it. My kids don't need to get them, otherwise. Doc insists that maybe if this shot goes well we can give Superboy a couple at the next visit to start to catch him up. Did I say I wanted to catch him up? On top of that, Pony Gal was wound up and the calls about Grandpa H's situation and acting like a crazy person were rolling in on top of each other so I was in a pretty bad mood on the way out. All I have to say is grrrr.

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  1. I hate going to the doctor with my kids for exactly those reasons!


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