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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheeky Chacos

I have an issue with my knee which makes it pop out of place and is very painful when I don't care for it properly. Part of that care is wearing good shoes. I am LOVE my all my Chuck Taylor's but I can only wear them on occasion because of this issue. To try to help that I wear shoes or sandals around the house when I can to keep my knee in check. I found that Chacos are great for my knees, and purchased a pair this summmer. I love them as well, but they were the hiking sort which take a minute to put on. I really wanted to get another pair, like flip flops, for around the house so I could throw them on and off. They are really expensive, though. I bought my first pair for like $80 I think. So, last night we ran all over town trying to find new work boots for Andrew. He is picky, and for good reason, he works his butt off all day in those boots. We ended up at Scheels at Jordan Creek to see if they had a certain style he was looking for. He didn't get anything but I glanced through the clearance section and found a pair of brown Chacos flip flops, in my size, for $46.99. That price was great as it was, but then I had a $30 gift card from helping a friend out in September, and after all was said and done I got my sandals for $17.69. Not too shabby. And my husband was peeved, because it never fails that when he goes looking for new shoes, I find name brand ones for me instead for insanely cheap prices. ;)

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