Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, yes I am still here

Just busy as ever. Papa H went back to the hospital after being home only briefly. We think it may be blood sugar issues, and have plans to check it for him a couple times a day, plus trying a different insulin. Because I don't have enough to do...but we'd like to keep him kicking to at least 65 (he's 62) so I am willing to try to fit it in. It shouldn't be too much more work, as I am already down there to deliver at least one meal a day. The frustrating thing about this time around is that dialysis should have caught this, and they didn't. They didn't even help when I asked for direction. In the meantime, more drama is most likely popping up surrounding Papa H and his illness as his other son, who is currently his legal power of attorney should something happen, is starting to get antsy. This puts us in a tough position since technically the house is still in Papa H's name. He could do whatever he wanted, like, oh, kick us out, should Papa H be deemed unable to make decisions for himself. This has not happened yet, but apparently certain people are making 'plans'. Dad and I have talked with Papa H, and apparently we need to get his wishes down on paper, because if not, I have a feeling there will be major arguments later. I mentioned the possibility of a nursing home-in the future if it gets to the point where Papa H cannot do anything anymore-and some family freaked and started talking about money that was spent while Papa H's mother was in a home. It shouldn't matter. Papa H has the money, but his health is most important, anyhow. We didn't think that it would be an issue, but it is funny how people change when put in this position.

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