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Monday, May 12, 2008

Urban Mining

Every year we set out in the spring to look through other people's trash.  

Why? Well, because it's fun. We love the hunt. I hate to see items that still have gads of life in them just tossed out. I love to save money. We have enough to buy it ourselves, yes, but why when it is just as easy to get it free. So I am posting some of our finds. There are a few more weekends left then one pickup in the fall. We look forward to it every year!
One thing we noticed is the courteousness of some of the people throwing away. They know they have usable items. One family laid out an entire bedroom set on plastic so it would be dry for the lucky finders. Many people post that their major appliances "still work!". We were looking through some boxes (which we found Pony Gal's winter coat for next year and about a box full of attachment parenting and children's books in) and the woman came out and offered tons of other like new items (they were moving after a divorce).
I love it; I consider it one of the many small things we do to be "green" and thrifty, as well.
I also keep my business expenses down because of the many items I can pick up that help around the farm.
To curb shopping!
(above is the wicker love seat and woven rug that we picked up in Norwalk...love it!)

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