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Monday, May 12, 2008


Anyone know why many of our dandelions have an odd red cast to them? We also have seen a lot of them where the stems have all grown together to form one monster stem. It seems something is mutating them...
Update: Iron, lots of iron in the soil.


  1. Mama Podkayne said...

    Taraxacum laevigatum



    The last link suggests that they could be regular old dandelions affected by soybean rust. I just skimmed the articles, but that makes sense.

  2. Abby said...

    I looked at the options, and I am guessing at just another string of dandelions. I may take a few to the county extension to be sure. If it is a rust, than crapola. If not, we'll just mow 'em down like we do all their cousins;)
    Thanks Mama P!


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