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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Subway Discriminates

I was just reading in a newsletter I get from a local homeschool group about the fact that Subway will not accept entries for a contest they are holding for school aged children, from homeschooled children. That is outragrous. A child is a child and it should make no difference where their education comes from.
The mom who posted the link said they will no longer be eating there, and I would have to say that we will not as well. There are plenty of other sandwich places (with better sandwiches at that...) so I am sure we will not even notice a difference. I like my Jimmy Johns with their sprouts and guacamole. Mmmmm, guacamole. And the nearby town to the West has a local place where my husband says I flirt with the owner's son (we used to work together-just friendly chit chat and giggles;) ) but they have AWESOME malts there as well, so they will just get more of our business. Just peeved about the whole Subway exclusion thing.

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