Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 10, 2008


This area of our life has always been a battle. I don't know why, but we have such issues keeping up here. Actually, I do know why. It involves my husband's lack of knowing when to stop and not making me feel guilty as heck because I told him no. I know his mother and step father were frugal, and that they way they spent money was more like my family did growing up, but his dad (aka the ogre in the basement) was not, and is not, so at all. It is so frustrating. This has lead to us making up for a lot of debt at this point in our lives as my husband learns how to delay that consumption driven happiness or make due on something a little less shiny. Now this seems ironic since we are total curb shoppers/thrift hoppers/garage sale moppers, but I think he gets a little SAD (the winter blues) and he has a major case of the retail therapy. So all that being said, this weekend, after having seen a bounced check (which totally ticks me off-I work hard to not have this happen but when someone uses the ATM unexpectedly...)we are on a no-questions-asked cash policy with him, and sticking hard and fast to a Dave Ramsey-esque financial plan to get our butts out of debt. I am all for fun spending, but this is ridiculous. You know we stayed home this weekend-even from church-in order to save a little on gas money (from church 'cause the kids were just too cranky to go anywhere)and it was so nice. Granted I was left working on the house, but Dad and I conquered a major task together (more on this in another post). I love working with my husband and he usually likes being gone all weekend and is too tired to do anything during the week, so this rarely happens. In the meantime, I think we can get this ball rolling. I had strategy pseudo-dreams last night-I didn't sleep until early this morning-so I am all rared up to go. I need a white board so I can keep a nice visual tally and hubby can see just where all his money goes. My farm money? It is always separate, and gets used on strictly farm stuff until summer when I know how much needs to be set aside for the next year. Then it is major purchases we have been putting off money.

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