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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Plastic Schtuff

We are one of a growing number of families trying to reduce the amount of plastics we use. That being true, I am having a Tupperware party on Friday. What?!? How does that make sense. Well, there are a couple contributing factors.
1) Even though we are cutting down on plastics, they are still a cost effective way to cut down on other more damaging/wasteful items, like plastic baggies. In October I bought two sandwich holders from my TW lady. I LOVE them. I intend to buy a few more. I would much rather reuse those a hundred times (or more) than go through that many baggies, plastic wrap or foil. Might there be a stainless or such alternative? Probably, but in taking the steps to be a more earth-friendly entity, it is the most reasonable approach at this time.
2) TW sells more than just plastic stuff. They also have high quality cookware, cutlery and gadgets. I like their silicone mats for rolling out doughs and baking on, especially with delicate cookies, like my biscotti.
3)But other places sell silicone baking products. Yes, but I am a stay at home/work at home mom. I like to support other WAHMs, and buying through TW is a way to do so. This particular WAHM happens to be the friend of a friend, and a friendly voice, as she is also a dj at a local Christian radio station.
4)Still plastic is bad for you and the earth. Yes, it is petroleum based. Not my first choice, but the simple act of reusing is a huge step in the right direction. The stuff is pretty strong. And after a lot of research, the plastics TW used are generally considered safe. We still do not cook or reheat in them. I have pyrex containers for that. And I won't be buying any containers that would be used as such. TW sells plastics that are the recommended type by most green/consumer groups. Would it be awesome if they started selling bio-degradable plastics? Totally! Do they yet? no.
5)They also sell dip/seasoning mixes that help my husband eat better. How is that? He will will eat things he normally wouldn't because they taste like SW Chipotle and Vanilla/Cinnamon. I have tried others. He likes theirs. Whatever.

So, in conclusion, I am still having the party. I actually prefer Pampered Chef, and will be hosting only those parties from here on out. That is what I actually wanted, but no one has had one recently and my cousin who used to sell, no longer does. This is simply a favor of sorts. Anyone nearby who I talk to regularly is more than welcome to come out. I didn't send via mail any invites because I didn't want to waste the stamps. I just kind of word-of-mouthed it. There will be chocolate fondue, and I will have made Indian food for dinner (yum!). Oh, and you don't have to buy anything. It is more just a good reason to sit around and chat and have a warming girls' night out in the middle of one cold, snowy winter.

*EDITED to add-I have found even better substitutions for most the TW stuff, now too. Read later posts, or ask questions and I will tell you what I use!

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