Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We visited my little sister Auntie A in Kansas City, MO this weekend. She is currently interning at International House of Prayer (IHOP). She loves it, but is definitely missing home. She and Pony Gal and I spent tons of time together and are very close and it has been difficult for us all with her down there. She will be back in June, but it seems so long. The program seems very neat, and I am looking forward to going down when we can attend a service at the church there. We had lunch in the coffeeshop run by IHOP. It was awesome. I took her down my biscotti (I used to sell these to a coffee shop in Toona Town-they're good), which she had requested, and a half gallon of dhal curry soup. That was a surprise and she was so excited. She had missed my cooking. Aaah. We went bargain shopping and found all kinds of fun things. We also found KC seems to not have too many "nice" looking places. We are thinking of camping near there the end of April to see her again, but I am going to do some research to find somewhere to go that doesn't look so industrial. It was so nice to see her. And take Superboy on his first long trip. He did pretty well on the way down, but not so much on the way back. I was in the back seat helping him all the way home. He just wanted out of that seat, which I can understand. That gives us hope for our trip we are planning this summer. I didn't know if we would make it up to Minnesota in good time, but it looks promising. In the end, a nice, albeit short visit. We miss you Auntie A!

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