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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The secret lives of three year olds

Or not so secret. Pony Gal has grown to be a handful. We know that it is simply because a) she is three. Three year old's are notorious for being difficult. I know this from a recent phone survey conducted with all those I know with three year old's. Okay, not survey so much as "Help me! Am I crazy? How does she know that? How many times can she do that? Where did this child come from??? Is she really mine?" coming over the line from both ends, and b) she is just too darn smart for her own good. She knows too much. She uses it to her advantage, as any smart young girl should. Like last night. We are sitting around the brain drain-err, television watching Wednesday night's crime shows. I got up to get something from the kitchen. Next thing you know I hear Pony Gal talking to her dad about the presents under the tree.
"I have presents for Christmas"
"Yes, you do"
"Mommy said I could open my present now"
"Uh, no she didn't"
Nice try. She thought maybe she could play dad. Oh,little girl. What will we do. It seems to be pretty normal, though. Like I mentioned above, all my friends with kids at a similar age are going through the same thing. It is endearing. It is maddening. Like, another new thing. She can do no wrong in her mind because she "has Jesus in her heart". Too cute. But you are STILL in trouble sweetie. Jesus wants you to listen to mom and dad. If only He could tell her that in the midst of one of our arguments. No such luck so far. It is hard to be upset with her, and try not to laugh or smile at the same time. I smile, that is. Dad just gets mad. He just hasn't been around kids as much as I have. He thinks she is abnormally naughty. I think we need to hang out with people again (we used to, really, in those days before kids), but ones with kids. He thinks his brother's kids are naughtier than usual. Nope, just girls. Just kids. It's how they learn and develop who they will be later. In the meantime, God save us all.

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