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Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Minor Bump In the Road

Many of you know that I had an awful pregnancy with Pony Gal. It ended with her delivery two months premature due to my being very sick with full blown pre-eclampsia. This pregnancy has been incredibly different, much more enjoyable and smooth. Monday I went in for my routine visit and my blood pressure was up. Every time this had happened in the past, I would go home and check it and it would be fine. I have a serious case of "white coat syndrome" where no matter how hard I try to relax in the office (that sounds like an oxymoron) my pressure rises, but it is generally a false high. The doctors have been very good about trusting me when I promise that I am taking readings at home and that they are fine. Unfortunately Monday was not the same as usual. It was high in the office, but I went through the usual reassurance and the dr let me go home with the usual caution to call in if my readings at home are as high as they were in the office. Monday night I started getting a headache, so I checked my pressure and it was high-way high. I laid down and took it awhile later and found so long as I was lying down, it stayed down. I decided to sleep on it and check in the morning. Things were the same Tuesday morning, so, on an emotional roller coaster considering how this situation greatly limited my options, I called the dr who promptly had me come in for a check in the office. I knew this may be "it" so I scrambled to get everyone's hospital bags (all half packed anyway because I refused to go through the same chaos we did with Pony Gal) and the baby car seat, dropped off the little girl I was watching, picked my sister and headed to the hospital. In the pouring rain, at that-fun. Doc took my bp and urine. Bp was up, urine was fine. He decided that, with my history, we should run a 24 hour urine sample and blood work to see where I stood, so he sent me over to the maternity ward. As an aside the care I received at Major Protestant Hospital in Town vs the care I had received at Major Catholic Hospital in Town-night and day. Anyway, in bed bp was down, way down, up was up. Labs all came back fine. I got to meet a couple more doctors from the practice, which was nice, as were they. So it was decided that this is not looking like pre-e this time around, but rather just pregnancy induced hypertension, which we are treating with strict at home (thank goodness) bedrest. A vbac is still very much in the plans so long as I follow directions, which I will because the thought of surgery freaks me out. I hated it the first time. I have had years to think about it this time, and well, it freaks me out. In the meantime I cannot be induced if I start having issues beyond where I am now, so I have to start labor on my own. We are going to do all we can, without compromising my health, to induce naturally. Luckily inducing naturally tends to be pretty fun;) So, all your ideas, and prayers, are appreciated. Oh, and thank God for laptops. Tv would get old fast. And even I-I know it sounds crazy-can get sick of reading from time to time. Here's to a healthy me and a healthy, vaginally born baby boy!

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  1. Heather K. said...

    I would love to hear your review on hospitals. I am seeing a doc now that only delivers at the Catholic one, which is strange since their office is less than a block from the Protestant one. I delivered my other 3 at the minor Protestant one and got really good individualized care there. I didn't feel like just another number. I wouldn't mind going there again, and when my pregnancy goes into high risk, which is only a matter of time, I will probably look for some one that delivers at either of the protestant ones.


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