Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Stuff

First and foremost, I hate being sick. I have dealt with allergies that I have not had for the last three years, which have been trying as I can do NOTHING about them. I refuse to medicate my baby. I do drink some tea that helps, but definitely does not fully alleviate the problem. Now, I also have a nasty cold on top of it. I think it is due to catering my brother in law's wedding this weekend, which totally wore me out. I am, after all, eight months pregnant. I woke up-no got up because I did not really sleep at all-about an hour and half before I usually do and ran a hot bath (as hot as it can be because of the baby) and laid in it for about the full hour before my husband got up. My throat had pretty much swollen shut so I wasn't going to be sleeping. I tried to nap yesterday when Pony Gal did, but it was futile. I hate flies also, I might mention. They were the problem then. I still had to get farm deliveries ready and need to get garage sale stuff ready, too. I can't really give myself much time at this point to be miserable, and yet I am.
So, about the garage sale. For those of you who like the city-wides, as I do because then you don't have to drive much, you can walk most of the them, the prison town to the north is having theirs this weekend, Thursday on. My sister lives in town there, so we are selling a lot there. Lots of toys that I have weeded out that I just don't care to have around anymore. Plenty of other stuff, too, of course.
On a third note, Pony Gal is growing up so fast. We woke up this morning and there were lights on in the house that we know we turned off last night before we went to bed. I noticed the kitten had not followed us in to sleep like she usually does, so I left the door cracked. Well, at some point she must have decided she wanted to come in, but needed to be rescued to do so. Pony Gal woke up and was telling me about the kitten crying and how she had gotten her. I didn't think anything of it until the lights issue came up. She managed to get up in the middle of the night, turn on lights, find Callie, and bring her back in to go to sleep with her. She has done pretty well at helping with her care. I am trying to find a bucket to keep the food in so she can keep that topped off and she runs Callie to the litter box when she gets whiny like she needs to potty. She also watches her to make sure she isn't getting into trouble.
I love the weather, though. It is definitely nice. If only I could enjoy it...

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