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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Questions On School

How often do I get asked when Pony Gal is going to school, and where, and such. I have to admit, very frequently to avoid answering the question truthfully, and thus explaining our choice, I just answer, "Well, we can choose between the district to the west and the district to the east". I don't explain that our choice will be only who to register under each year as a homeschooling household, because, quite frankly, I have no intention of my daughter attending public school. Until February's big news of expecting another baby, the plan was to start some kind of structured activity each day to get in the habit of school stuff when she turned three. Now we are pushing that back, as starting this just before the baby is due doesn't seem to be the best plan. So we are just going to do the IHE activities, and take it easy at home. I think we will have our preschool year start in January. She is ready-she loves to learn and takes in WAY more than I am aware of (at least until it is too late!). Our approach will probably be pretty eclectic, and even though we won't be doing any official anything until later, I know that she already gathers a lot in an unschooling manner, just picking things up from where ever we are. Like rhyming, for example. This seems like it should be a little more advanced than a three year old, but heard her Grandfather say "as*" (thank you Papa H-grrr), and me say something about gas, and proceeded to repeat them together for the next ten minutes, enjoying the way they sounded so similar. I ended up moving her past this incredible, albeit frustrating moment, with other words, so as to prevent her being labeled as naughty for simply repeating something her doofus grandpa said, not something she uses on a regular basis. Anyway, our plans so far are to be pretty laid back. With as highstrung as she can be, it is definitely the best approach. And if her grandma buys one more "School this, that or the other" book (which I generally trade or sell before she even sees them, because, well they are in the end pointless in our house), I will scream. She knows Pony Gal isn't going. She just refuses to acknowledge it. She's just jealous, because SHE has to be in school (she works at one in the Big City).


  1. Wheelchair Mama said...

    How frustrating! It only matters what you guys think is best for your child (you already knew that). Glad to see you are attending the monthly meeting. I'll see you Monday. Oh, and I don't suppose you have the curtains done? I mean, what else do you have going on at 8 mo. pregnant?

  2. Mama Podkayne said...

    Heh heh. We get questions all the time and I think Lil'Bug and Pony Gal are the same age! Gah. I give people the run down- if they are rude enough to ask I give them the whole she-bang and if they are kind when they ask I give them resources.

    Good to hear you are comfortable and well. I now have questions about squash beetles and raspberries. I will ask at the monthly IHE!


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