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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Question For You All

The last couple days I have been experiencing a very weird sensation. I asked my doula about it and she is stumped. It hasn't appeared today, but if it does, then I will probably ask my dr. at Monday's appointment. So, if any of you remember anything like this, please comment. Kind of curious as to what it could be. The feeling is low, like in my pelvic area, and feels kind of like buzzing lips or a very faint vibration. It was pretty constant on Wednesday and Thursday, but I haven't noticed it today. The baby still feels like he's in the same place he has been, so I don't think he has moved into a lower position, but then again I have started to need to pee more frequently, which I always follow with my cranberry supplement to be sure it isn't because I am getting an UTI. So I guess he might have moved down, but in the meantime I am stumped. It was kind of annoying from time to time as it tickled. That is quite the place to be tickled incessantly, I tell you what. Otherwise, as far as baby news, all looks good. I get my group B test on Monday, and beyond that will probably start getting exams to check my cervix as I will be "full term"...yea!


  1. Mama Podkayne said...

    That happened to me! I always forgot to ask about it though. Lil'Bug was head down with a ton of hair and she would Wiggle her head down. I just figured that was it. It did fell like my phone was on vibrate and someone calling though.

  2. Abby said...

    So I am not crazy, lol. I am pretty cure that baby boy is head down, as his feet are pretty easy to make out on my ribs in the evening, and I can definitely feel pressure down low. With all the stuff that happened with Pony Gal, though, I am really cautious and didn't want it to be a sign of something going wrong. I will still ask the dr. to see what he thinks. It is the craziest feeling!


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