Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Gross Side of Being Pregnant

Here's a little comic relief for you all...
Okay. First of all sharing this on the INTERNET is pretty doofus like as it is, but the situation is pretty dumb looking back on it now. Not when it happened, granted, but I am pretty good about laughing at myself in retrospect.
Now, I have been sick with this croupy cough for over a week now. It is just a cold, I know, but annoying nevertheless. And despite the well meaning folks that are all like "sister took this drug while she was preggo" or the dr. telling me to take some robitussin, none of it will make it go away faster. I will just use my tea, horehound drops and water, and ride it out, thank you. But this violent cough that pops up at inopportune times reared its head pretty ugly like the other night. I was trying to do my usual finish four hundred tasks before I lie down with Pony Gal and Dad routine for the night. Dad and Pony Gal both asked me to bring them something to drink, which is pretty normal as I am the last one in, and they are always pretty settled by that time. But I was cranky. And hurried. And I had to pee. Aaah, that is the important fact. I had needed to go pee for some time. But, I am Momma the great and I can hold it. Riiiiiggghhht. Um, hey genius, you have over five pounds of baby sitting on your bladder, among other things. So I am standing in the kitchen, desperately trying not to pee my pants while pouring milk and ice water to rush to the bedroom, after which I can go pee when I cough. A big rough, nice cough. Yeah, can you guess where this is going. Not just a little squirt that I have gotten used to this pregnancy despite my use of kegel's exercises. A stream down the leg. Totally traumatized. Stopped what I was doing, yelled at Dad for not just getting something to drink himself (although, it was in no way his fault. He was fine with waiting. I was the stupid one), and then went and turned on the shower. Which calmed me down and lead me to the wonderful conclusion that I should be putting myself first at eight months pregnant. I am just hard headed and think I can still do it all. So the moral of my little, embarrassing story (go ahead, call me some mean nickname the next time you see me. I deserve it for this episode.) is:
WHEN YOU NEED TO PEE-GO PEE! (just do it in the potty, and not the kitchen).
And no, there was no puddle. I can't hold that much liquid at this point in the pregnancy. Just enough to make me feel gross and dumb.

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