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Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping Setup

Those hooks on top is where our chairs sit when not in use. The white cooler isn't needed anymore, but used to be for dry goods. Dry goods now go in the upright white cupboard in the nose of the trailer. The black storage bin on the bottom there is where propane tanks and the heater travel so they aren't mobile when we are on the road.
This is a lot messier looking than it usually is now. We had yet to figure out our current system, but now all the bedding and clothes go in those wooden cupboards. Once we're parked, all of our shoes sit on top of the cupboards (in order to be prepared for all situations, we often have several different types of shoes for all of us.)
That random hook on the back is for hanging one of our extension cords. There is another near the walk in door, as well.
Our Cabela's Alaknak II, complete with optional vestibule on. 
Our eating/lounging area. I do all the cooking outside with either the slow cooker, electric skillet, camp grill/stove, or over the fire pit. We also eat outside. This shelter has optional screen room sides or solid room sides, so we can use it in all weather.
My awesome stove. Totally rated for both camping and long term survival/prep purposes. I love it.
We have enough space to have our port-a-potty inside. So handy, especially with kids or when pregnant.
This is the stove set up. The tent is rated for a small woodstove, which we will eventually get. In the meantime, our Mr. Buddy heater is rated for indoor use, so we use it when necessary. That patch and hole in the top is where we can vent out a wood stove, or as Dad pointed out, a portable air conditioner. Silly boy.

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