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Friday, December 30, 2011

January Homeschool Plans

With my pregnancy and the birth of Lovely G, our schooling plans went into auto-pilot. Pony Gal kept up with her reading online, we read books together and tried to get math time fit in there, as well as all the documentaries and such we watch. Now with us into a bit of a routine with Lovely G and the new year around the corner, we are trying to get back into a routine.
I had set up a plan for this year, but hadn't really liked it. We are switching gears, just a bit, and moving towards some unit studies. I think I can better usher Superboy into the learning and make a more unified approach using units and lapbooks. He can start his own online reading program come August, but for now will be joining us as we learn about things.
For the month of January we plan on spending two weeks on China and the Chinese New Year, culminating celebrating with close friends, which I know the kids will thoroughly enjoy. The first two weeks, though, we will talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. We won't go into too much depth but I am trying to impart some sense of time this year, and think using holidays will help start to separate months from each other.
Right now the plan is to run four weeks or so on, then take a week off, or just plan to have the week to spread out into sluff off days. February will most likely be two weeks of George Washington and two of Abraham Lincoln.
I intend to use both lapbooks and my own research using the net and books from the library to supplement. I like what I see in a lot of lap books but some of the projects are tooooo busy-work-y and I have been clipping project ideas from magazines and the net for years and am happy to finally get around to using them. I will (hopefully) be taking pictures and notes as we go. I tend to be a horrible scrapbooker type, though, so we'll see how long I keep with it.

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