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Friday, December 16, 2011


I was talking and thinking the other day about where we've come with our diapering strategies with each of the kids.
With Pony Gal, though I knew I wanted to go the natural route with everything, her very early arrival threw all those plans to the wind. We came home from the hospital with a lot of free diapers and with my PPD, ended up just using disposables for a long time. Around the time she hit 18 months I ended up sewing some diapers up, but didn't really understand the way they worked best, and so ended up throwing that out. I then found a couple cloth diaper groups online, ordered a few diapers from them-all in ones and pockets, and used them on her until she potty trained several months later.
By that time I was pregnant with Superboy. I knew we wanted to go all cloth with him and worked out a barter for his diapers, which I got through Wallypop. We used mostly all in ones and pockets, but as he got older and we were mostly just diapering on longer trips and overnight, found I really liked fitteds and covers. I really loved the way longies looked on little guys, so we used recycled and knitted or crocheted pants on him a lot with fitteds.
Then we come to Lovely G. I said I'd never use prefolds for anything but stuffers, as they just seemed like more work. In reality, what I have found with this pretty little girl is that they are probably my favorite diapering system of all. Lovely G was small when she arrived, and so we ended up using preemie prefolds with her for a while, along with a couple crocheted covers. She moved into newborn sized stuff and we stuck with prefolds and covers because the smalls we had still were too large. Using those prefolds and snappis just felt so nice, as odd as that may sound. I think it is a cloth diaper lover issue, lol. The thing was that I didn't have nearly enough infant size prefolds (though I did have plenty of snappis, of which you only technically need one, though with an ornery four-year-old in the house back ups are a good thing), so I ordered some more of those. Then I realized because of how I diapered Superboy, I didn't have enough covers. We now have what we need, though as she grows we'll have to add here and there. She still is just a smidgen small for the smalls I have from Superboy. I find that I use my pockets and such more when we are out and about anyway for super fast diaper changes. Otherwise, we have reached this homey feeling point in diapering. I love how fast all our pieces dry and that I know they are clean when we put them away. I may still dye the pf's so that they are a little more fun, but may wait until they start to look stained, if they do.
It is always fun to reminisce about how things change with each new addition to the family. I have also reached a point where, gasp, I may be willing to part with certain items like carriers and a few diapers as I know really well what I do and don't like. I mean, I'll probably replace them with what I know I love now, so I won't be lightening my load or anything, lol, just switching things out.

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