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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas With Mama's Family

We celebrated Christmas with my family a week early to help all the young families involved clear up their schedules a bit and make things far more laid back. We gathered Sunday for brunch at Grandma B's house, complete with biscuits and gravy, homemade corned beef hash, egg casseroles and sweet breads. Here Lovely G is visiting with Grandma B.
I hadn't managed to get Lovely G smiling on camera, as every time I'd put the camera in front of my face to shoot a picture she'd freak out. This girl smiles, and smiles big, all the time, though. I love it.
 This outfit she's in is the same one her big sister, Pony Gal, was baptised in on Christmas Eve the year she was born. Pony Gal was four months at that point. Lovely G is two months here. What a difference those last two months of life in mom make. Wow.
 This shot above is what her full on smile looks like. She loves "talking" with her face :)

 Al and Mal...such a cute couple.

Uncle Matt managed to not get caught in any of my photos, but here is my sister, his future very beautiful bride. I can't wait for spring of 2013!!!
Pony Gal actually already has a riding helmet but it was getting too tight (my kids have big heads. They always have. Gotta get all them brains in there, ya know ;)  ) and she really wanted something more girly. It works out well, as Superboy is starting to take an interest in riding and her other helmet is white, so he can totally inherit it. I love hand-me-downs.
Here is my awesome bro-in-law Uncle Mark and sweet Cousin J. 
Cousin J and Grandma B's friend Bruce.
This is what we gave Cousin J for Christmas-a hat I knit. I used the aviatrix pattern from my Ravelry queue. I love it and it is now my go-to pattern for baby hats. It is obviously a little big on her yet (I made one for Lovely G, too, and it is still too big), but works all the same because of....
The suuuuper cute chin strap. I put on two buttons to attach it so it could be used for a longer period-slouchy for little babes and snug for bigger ones.
And this cute kid is crawling already. Where does the time go??!!??

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