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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Last Camping Trip of 2011 (but first with new gear!)

The second weekend in October we decided to take a chance on the final camping trip of the year. We had driven through Robert's Creek and decided it was the perfect spot to camp that time of year. The kids were so not ready to pack up the camping gear for the year and with Lovely G showing up soon, we wanted to take the chance while we still could. We were blessed with a beautiful fall weekend-warm during the day and cool at night. Dad's parents and brother's family joined us, too. It was fun and a perfect chance to try out our new camping gear. During the summer we sold our camper, after finding we just weren't happy with the work involved and the return that work gave us in comparison to just using a nice tent. So, we bought a utility trailer to haul our gear in, and in doing that and needing to haul a tent instead of pulling another thing (the camper) we are now able to have enough room for our bicycles, and if we get things really decked out in the camper (plans Dad is working on), the four wheeler or kayaks later. In the meantime, this last trip has us pretty excited for camping next year, though we will have to be more careful in choosing sites as it is a BIG tent. Great for rainy trips, a little bit more difficult for certain campgrounds, but still heads and tails better to work with than a camper.

We tried something different for breakfast-some hand pies. I made the egg/ham/cheese mixture at home and stuck it in the cooler. The morning we decided to use it, Dad got the campfire nice and hot and we buttered bread, put them in our pie irons and topped with the egg filling and more buttered bread then just toasted until warm and ready. They were super easy and delicious!

Our Cabela's Alaknak II tent-the 12X20 model. We managed to even set it up in the dark with little trouble, even though it was our first time setting it up.

This is the zip out spot to stick a stove. We did give it a try using our propane heater, and it will be awesome if we decide to camp more in the cooler months.
The vent for a woodstove vent pipe.

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