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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome the World, Callista and Kale

Our other bred ewe, Chrysanthemum, gave birth Monday, Feb 21, 2011 around 11:30 to twin black sheep, one ewe, one ram. Cute twins, and an easy birth. Even so, she isn't taking to Kale very well, so he is turning into a Pony Gal project. He did get some nice feedings of colostrum, but mom is now acting very aggressive. Callista, or Callie, is well accepted, but just a little weak, so she is getting some extra vitamins and supplementation until she is active again. Raising animals is no easy task. I know if Chrys twins again next year and rejects one, then she'll end up not getting bred anymore. It may just be that she's a new mother, too, so we'll wait and see. I tried several different approaches to get her to accept Kale, but she seems to favor her little girl, instead. Pony Gal likes the mommy role, though, and volunteered rather willingly to be in charge of Kale's care.

Chryssy, Callista and Superboy

Kale before we found a coat for him

They both started out nursing fine, then somewhere things went down hill. We'll wait and see how they progress. I may end up milking Chrys and bottle feeding both if Callie doesn't seem to improve.

Kale minty green coat. All those sweaters we don't wear anymore are good for something. The all wool ones we use for diaper covers for babies, but the others that don't have the right content make very nice little lamb coats.

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