Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Really? REALLY? Sigh.

So, I know that the last place we should be eating is McDonalds, but, it was dumping snow, and the kids needed a snack, and it was close. I have a soft spot for driving through somewhere rather than trying to haul the kids in, and I wanted their tummies to have something in them in case we were to get stranded on the long drive home. I usually choose McDonalds, as we can pick up decent goods. This time was fruit and walnut salads and mochas, all around. Warm and sweet, just what everyone was jonesing for. This is the conversation that ensued at the order screen. (And as evil as everyone makes McD's out to be, honestly that is a pretty decent and healthy late-day snack.)

First lady (possibly Middle Eastern, nice but green, not been an employee long, so she may have a bit of an excuse): Hello, may I take your order?
Me: Yes, I would like three fruit and walnut salads,
FL: fruit and walnut salads? How many?
Me: Three. And I would like…
FL: Okay, would you like anything else?
Me: Yes, please. I would like three small whole milk caramel mochas.
FL: You want what?
Me: Three small caramel mochas.
FL: Wait just a minute. (Shuffling ensues. Some whispers in another language. Not Spanish-I would have recognized that. More shuffling).
FL: Just a minute
Me: Okay.
New Lady-young, peppy, but apparently no more of an idea of what’s going on: What do you need? (Wow, the customer service skills here just blow me away)
Me: THREE whole milk caramel mochas. (I was rather polite through the whole thing, never getting snotty, no matter how much I wanted to.)
NL: Um, we only have 1%.
Me: Okay, well your sign says whole milk or nonfat milk. I do not want nonfat milk, so whatever isn’t nonfat is fine.
NL: So you want them in cartons, or what?
Me: NO, I want caramel mochas, small, three of them, without nonfat milk.
NL: Oh, caramel mochas. So, nonfat or regular?
Me: ($B$*DGHFI…composure) I want regular, please.
NL: What size?
Me: Small. Three of them. Please.
NL: Does the screen look correct? Is that all?
Me: Yes.

OMG-what an ordeal. Luckily the kids were in a good mood, or we would have just left. I didn’t think it should be that difficult. Apparently, I was wrong.


  1. OYE! customer service just isn't what it used to be :(

  2. Haha! That's funny! Reminds me of the commercial where the guy from India answers the phone, "Hello. This is Peggy. What is problem, please?" :/


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