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Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Christmas Scenes

Apparently I never finished loading them. One funny incident was at our celebration which happens Christmas Eve. We decided to bake a birthday cake for Jesus-we don't do Santa as he has NOTHING to do with the holiday (I respect Catholics who celebrate St. Nicholas earlier in the month)-and had made a nice chocolate cake.

 (Our Christmas tree, complete with newspaper packaging and few decorations. Simple.)

I asked Pony Gal if she wanted to frost it (I was taking the easy way out. There was no frosting. There was Nutella. Nutella is one of the best frostings ever. Period. It's in our emergency food storage. It's that important. I am speaking in short sentences to help you see the importance.). She said yes and proceeded to start, but wasn't getting the hang of it, so it kind of ripped up some of the middle.

 (The mantle-the gingerbread house and a few cards up there, as well as our homemade stockings.)

I have to say, as something we were doing for Jesus, it was not the prettiest cake you'd ever seen. So, she decided to stop, and planned on finishing it in a bit. Part of the issue was that it was a gluten-free cake (I should be able to eat some, right?) and was terribly flimsy/crumby.

 (Pony Gal made this Santa in art class, and was rather pleased with him. I think he'll be a permanent addition to our Christmas stuff, even if we aren't Santa folks.)

About this time Superboy walks by. He wants a carrot, so I give him one. He takes one look at the cake and asks who it's for. I explain that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus a long time ago, and that the cake is to help us celebrate and remember why we are having Christmas. He says, "Oh, will Jesus share his cake?". Oh my gosh-I had to turn around here to not laugh in front of him, because he was SO sincere. I turn back around and explain that Jesus probably wouldn't be eating any cake, and that he would be okay with us having some in his honor. Superboy insisted, no, that Jesus would be having some cake, and that we could too. I relented. He's three.

 (Homemade peanut butter fudge and minted fudge. I'll post recipes later.)

So I leave the cake on the counter, and next thing you know, I see Superboy walking around with a Nutella covered carrot. I giggle a little. Much like his mom, he'll eat anything that has been dipped in Nutella. I assume it is out of the jar, until I get closer.

There are cake crumbs on it. Fabulous-I glance over and the cake is DEMOLISHED. Not only did he stick it in, he dug around. I did say we could share, but I wasn't anticipating what that would look like with him. Later I walk by and he has parked his carrot-half eaten full sized carrot-in the middle of the cake. Stuck in like a giant candle. Oh, dear. And to top it off, I apparently forgot to take pictures.

(Our gift to Wally: I made a matching chef's hat and apron set)

(Our gift to Genna, the same as Wally, only with Care Bears)

 (Dad's parents wanted a pictured with all of us. As you can see it wasn't easy to get. Pony Gal wondering why we have to do this. Superboy not wanting to be there. Me straining to keep him still for the camera. Good times, good times.)

 (Uncle Allen and the very sweet Malary)

(You may remember from my previous Christmas post a shot of Uncle Allen's awesome wrapping job, complete with duct tape. Here we have Auntie Andie's wrapping job, which nobody wanted to open because it was so pretty.)

(New shooting ear muffs. Gotta protect those ears on the range.)

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