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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Changes

I recently went to a local natural health practitioner to have some tests done. I have been dealing with a lot, and by a lot, I mean I think he was a little overwhelmed and he's seen a lot, of different health issues. Really, I've been dealing with them since I was pretty young. I just assumed everyone dealt with this or that. Turns out, I was wrong. Also turns out that those issues that I had ignored may have played a role in my having difficulties with my pregnancies. They also scare me because they deal with an area of the body that eventually lead to my dad's demise-the lower digestive system. After all was said and done, it came down to there is a lot going on, and the first steps to healing those problems is a serious change in diet and the use of a lot of supplements to try to straighten out  what's been set awry. So, here's what I'm up against:
*Chronic inflammation and infection. Not sure where or what in the infection department, but we're working on it without the use of antibiotics.
*Cortisol not moving throughout the day.
*Inflammation and histamine responses are most likely due to foods. Some allergies, some intolerances. The inflammation is contributing in a major way to accentuating my back pain.
So the plan is to take a bevy of supplements, which are already (one month later) making some headway. I know it will take a while, they've said so, and slow recovery is fine with me. It tends to be more permanent, and I am all over that. I also have to change the way I eat. No more gluten-very inflammatory and a lot of people can't handle it and don't even realize it. This is most likely part of my weight battles through the years. Keeping a close eye on my water intake...which I knew I needed to do anyway. No more corn or pork products. Both very inflammatory. The pork will be hard both because we have a whole pig in the freezer and because Andrew loves his pork. I am currently experimenting with substitutions. Pork is something a lot of health food types try to discourage anyway. Most people do not know that no matter how the guy is raised, he doesn't have the regular ruminant stomach that other meats we eat do, and therefore cannot process food in a healthy way. It works okay for him, but most pigs have to be on wormers to try to combat that. Most people who eat pork have worms, no matter what kind of supplements they are on to combat it. My pig farmer's are great, but my health is more important, and having worms just grosses me out. So, looking at using goat as a substitute. When raised properly it has a nice mild flavor similar to pork, and I already use ground lamb to make sausage, which works beautifully. I am looking at the possibility of buying a Boer doe for the farm, or two, to cross with our Nubian buck. I have read great things about the meat possibilities there. And last, but certainly no least, cutting out refined sugars. Natural ones are okay-honey, maple syrup, stevia-are all fine. I was trying to change a lot of my recipes to take honey anyway, so this will not be a huge deal. I am also planning on getting some evaporated cane juice or sucanat to work with, too. We don't use tons of sweetened around here, but enough that I want a nice selection for whatever I'm working with.
We'll see how things go, but like I said, already a lot of things have at least normalized. I am still dealing with pain, but it takes time to heal, so I just keep with it.


  1. I have had to make big changes in my diet for health reasons also. I hope things go well for you and that you start feeling better.


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