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Monday, November 29, 2010

Swingin' Goat Farms at Sugar Creek's Farm Animal Update

Princess Pi (white nose) and Bunny, our french angora rabbits. Both doing well. They have actually moved out of this home and into their newly constructed bunny palace, courtesy of Dad. It is housed in the goat barn, and they are loving their two story home. We may look into a different colored gal sometime in the future, but with my cat allergies (and thus bunny ones, as well), these two are enough to groom.
The teenagers. These birds recently moved from this, the brooder, to the big bird home. Up front are our two guineas and the rest are just and end of the week special from Sand Hill Preservation Center. Everyone looks good and has moved into the coop and run well.
The bird coop and run
Most of these birds aren't here anymore. We butchered and processed everyone a couple weekends ago, so now they reside in my freezer, save for 21 hens that have been happily laying eggs that we have been happily eating :)
Dawnae and Cassidy
Autumn Star, the goat's guard llama
Skooter-the pest
Chewie, (Chewbacca) our buck. A very laid back buck, who is doing, from what I can observe, an excellent job at what he's supposed to do. Once the gals start kidding in the spring, he and Skooter will move into the buck pen. For the winter, though, they are with the ladies, to help keep everyone warmer.
Thorn, our mighty Border Cheviot ram. We have another ram, Melmoth, coming soon, so we can start keeping breeding lines separate.
Cloudy. We had to put Cloudy down a couple weeks ago, very sadly. She served her purpose very well, protecting our sheep, and also was the proud mama of Autumn Star. Though she was stand-offish, she was a good llama and mother (she even extended nursed Autumn Star, a good 6 months past when she was supposed to nurse her). She will be missed, and we will be looking into another llama for the sheep. For now the dogs do a good job of keeping predators at bay.
Sullivan (Sully), our beautiful herding dog, courtesy of Ebersole Cattle Co.
Bolt, a charity case, but a gentle dog.
The view of the front paddocks
The play set I built in the spring after it sat in the garage for a year. A great investment!


  1. ab, i LOVE that u built the playset! That's the strong willed Brown girl in u ;)


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