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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fish Fry with the Great Grandparents

Dad's grandparents have been showing their age more and more here lately, and we both feel it is important that we and our kids have ample opportunity to spend time with them (even if Great Grandma can be a wee bit grouchy now and then. Just a bit.). Since trying a new church in town, it has become easier to just head over to visit them after church. Great Grandma loves catfish, but hates the mess, and can only get it when one of her grandsons or son-in-law go fishing. She hadn't had any this year, so Dad wanted to take her some. The dilemma was that she would have to fry it, and Great Grandma HATES having things fried in her kitchen. The mess is pretty stressful for her, and due to a lot of hard times on her body lately, she shouldn't be expected to have to deal with even the stress of thinking about frying anything inside. So, in a last minute stroke of genius on both Dad and my parts (we actually thought about it right at the same time :) ), the night before heading over we went out and purchased a turkey fryer so we could cook the fish outside, and then we called his parents and everyone made some sides to go with lunch. In the end, it was such a lovely afternoon-the fryer was perfect and quite frankly, frying anything outside is just so much less hot and stuffy and greasy. We will be using the fryer quite a bit, I am guessing. The sides were great and everyone was in a good mood. I will post it later, but the tartar sauce recipe I recently found is freaking awesome. For real. I could eat it all by itself, but I restrain myself and keep it to the fish. Yum. We had apples and dips, homemade pumpernickel rye bread, baked beans (the recipe ended up not being one I liked all that much, but it was sitting in my pile of recipes to try, so at the very least it can now be filed in the trash and I can look for another), hashbrowns and a salad. All very good. A feast, for sure. We will be doing it again, most certainly. What follows are the pictures of the food prep and the playing in Great Grandma's leaves after lunch.

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