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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Favorite New Toy

I love my new pressure canner. I have canned green beans, summer squash, okra and meat stocks like mad here lately, freeing up freezer room. I also have used it to make dinner in a jif-a stew that usually takes hours took 20 minutes and was delish and tender. I am considering getting a smaller model to use specifically for dinner purposes. It definitely makes using tougher cuts of meat easier as they are sooo tender when cooked in one of these puppies. Worth every penny!

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Also (accidentally, but so nevertheless, hee hee) part of Two For Tuesdays


  1. I just bought one this yr. too. I love it. At first I was afraid cuz Ive heard so many horror stories of pressure pots blowing up. I didnt grow up with family who used one so I had to take the plunge myself. I canned homemade chicken stock tho. I love it! I can see me using it for lots of things once I figure out what I can put in it.

  2. I have a smaller one but haven't quite figured it out. I guess I need to get those directions out!

  3. Hi Abby and welcome to the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! Diana said somehow your link ended up on the wrong blog hop, but I am glad it did or I wouldn't have gotten a chance to check out your blog and follow you! I love the idea that love makes things grow because My philosophy about real food is all about the love you put into the meal that makes it healthy and nourishing for your family! I would love it if you would put a link back to our blog hop so that more people can come and share in the fun with you and I hope that you know that everything happens for a reason, so your mistake is our gain! enjoy your pressure canner! I am so envious! I have a big honkin ceramic hot water bath canner, but I am totally eyeing one of these babies! :) Alex@amoderatelife


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