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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Landscaping with curb shopped items

I am trying to create more "spaces" around the farm, and I must say I am loving it, and so are the kids. These are a couple vintage chairs we picked up curb shopping several years ago. It was funny, as we pulled up to grab four that were on the curb the guy throwing them out had a bunch of friends in the garage watching some sport on TV. As Dad was loading them the guy came out and asked if we wanted a couple more. Dad said yes and the guy kicked his friends out of the two in the garage and loaded them for us :) I love curb shopping. I will post pics of some of our other new areas around the farm. This particular set of chairs is under the catalpa tree just south of the newly installed playset (I haven't posted pics of what I did of Memorial Day weekend, have I? Will do!), so I (or other parents) can watch the kids play and relax in the shade. I will probably put some sort of make shift table or planters of flowers down there at some point (but we'd have to go curb shopping again to do that because Lord knows I hate to spend money when I can get things for free!), but for now this is a nice improvement and made a big difference even in the looks of the place. And obviously the kids are using them, as well.

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